IJSRP Number 4; 397-405: 2015

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Authors:   Armeni M. M.F.S.,  D.O.1,   Civitillo  C. P.T.,  D.O.2

1  I.S.S.A.-­‐EU  International  Sports  Sciences  Association  of  Europe
2  G.I.O.S.B.E.  -­‐Italian  Group  for  Evidence  Based  Sport  Osteopathy


Introduction:  This   Case-­‐Report   analyses   the   potential   efficacy   of   the   Osteopathic   Manipulative   Treatment  (OMT)  combined  with  caloric  balance  in  an  amateur  cyclist,  both  in  relation  to  pain  onset  and   perception,  and  performance  enhancement.  Following  an  accurate  analysis  of  the  literature  through  the   main   biomedical   data   banks,   the   authors   did   not   find   previous   studies   focusing   on   these   specific   parameters   in   the   case   of   amateur   cyclists.   Case   description:   This   case   is   about   Mr.   M.   M.,   an   amateur   cyclist   with   chronic   Neck-­‐Pain,   severe   anxiety,   overweight,   low   energy   and   poor   performance.   The   authors   carried   out   an   osteopathic   evaluation   together   with   a   multi-compartmental   body   composition   analysis   and   caloric   balance,   and   administered   specific   measuring   scales.   The   primary   composite   outcome   was   identified   by   the   Rate   of   Perceived   Exertion   (BORG/RPE)   and   the   Visual   Analogue   Scale   (VAS).   The   Hamilton   Anxiety   Rating   (HAMg-­‐A)   and   Post-­‐Race   Heart   Rate   reduction   identified   the   secondary   outcomes.   Results:   After   4   test-­‐based   OMT   sessions   and   the   adjustment   of   the   daily   calorie   intake,  at  60  day  follow-­‐up,  the  subject  did  not  show  any  cervical  pain;  anxiety  was  significantly  reduced,   the   body   composition   analysis   showed   a   significant   decrease   of   fat   mass   and   performance   improved   significantly.   Conclusions:   This   Case-­‐Report   shows   that   continuous   benefits   can   be   obtained   with   a   multifactorial  approach,  both  in  amateur  and  professional  athletes.  The  authors  hope  that  the  originality
of  this  study  might  stimulate  other  researchers  to  focus  on  these  issues  with  a  larger  cohort

Key words:     Osteopathic   Manipulative   Treatment   (OMT),   Body   Composition   Analysis,   Neck-­‐Pain,   Amateur   Cyclist,   Performance

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