IJSRP Number 2 ; 232 -241: 2015

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Author: Civitillo C. 1,2  PT,  DO

1 Professor  of  Research  Methodology  and  Head  of    Research  and  Doctoral  Thesis  for  the    European  Academy  Of   Osteopathic  Medicine Aversa – Italy

2 Founder  of  the  Italian  Group      for    Evidence    Based    Sport    Osteopathy , Piedimonte  Matese  (CE)  Italy

Background:  After  acute  injury,  traumatized  tissues  respond  following  the  healing  process  characterized   by  the  inflammation  response,  fibroblastic  repair  response  and  remodeling  response.  This  paper  aims  at   analyzing   the   effect   potential   of   the   osteopathic   manipulative   treatment   (OMT)   which   is   capable   of   facilitating  the  healing  process  Method:  A  28-­‐year-­‐old  female  volleyball  player  diagnosed  with  a  grade  III   acute  ankle  sprain  injury,  a  walking  plaster  cast  for  20  days  and  no  weight  load  on  her  foot,  requested   OMT.  The  osteopath  scheduled  and  administered  five  OMT  direct,  indirect  techniques  sessions  Results:   The   patient   had   her   first   differentiated   training   on   the   27th   day   after   the   injury   and   her   first   official   competition  on  the  51st  day  Conclusions:  The  outcomes  of  this  single  case  are  linked    to    the  removal  of   the   somatic   dysfunctions   which   seem   to   promote   the   healing   process   responses   therefore   justifying   future  clinical  studies  dealing  with  the  OMT  mode  of    action

Key words:  Osteopathic  manipulative  treatment;  sports  injury;  somatic      dysfunction;  ankle  sprain

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